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Chicken Chili Verde Burritos

September 9, 2011

There was a burrito place in Huntsville called Bandito Burrito, and my favorite dish there was the chicken chili verde

chile verde

burrito.  It’s not your typical burrito because it has a tangy green chili inside and is pretty simply served.  With fall seeming imminent, I’m glad I have this recipe to share.  It’s quick enough for a weeknight meal and can either be eaten in a burrito, or as a warming bowl of chili.  I took a couple of recipes and modified them a bit to come up with this recipe…you could also add cannellini beans, or add a 16 oz jar of salsa verde instead of the smaller can and the green chiles.


3 pounds chicken thighs with skin and bones

2 T olive oil

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 large green bell pepper

1 small can green chilis (about 4 oz)

1 can salsa verde (about 8 oz) (I used Herdez brand)

2 t ground cumin

1 t dried oregano (preferable Mexican oregano)

5 fresh tomatillos, husked and coarsely chopped (optional, especially if you use more salsa verde)

2 c low-sodium chicken broth

2 medium russet potatoes (about 1 pound), peeled and cut into a medium dice

Corn cut from 1 fresh cob (optional)

1 c coarsely chopped fresh cilantro

Burrito size tortillas

2-3 c shredded Mexican cheese blend

Sour cream for serving


Trim the excess fat from the chicken and season chicken with salt and pepper.  Heat the oil in a Dutch oven or large heavy pot over medium high heat.  When hot, add the chicken, skin side down, and brown each side, about 4-6 minutes per side.  Remove from pan and set aside.

Add the garlic and green pepper to the pan and saute until softened, about 5 minutes.  Add the cumin and oregano and cook, stirring, for a minute.  Add the chicken back to the pan, and add the green chilis, salsa verde, potatoes and corn.  Add just enough chicken broth to barely cover the potatoes and chicken because you don’t want it too liquidy.  Cook, uncovered, at a simmer for about 15 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked through.  Remove the chicken and keep the mixture simmering.  Shred the chicken, removing the skin and bones, and return the shredded chicken to the pot.  Simmer until the potatoes and tender, adding more chicken broth as needed if it gets too dry.  Stir in most of the cilantro, reserving a little for garnish and add salt and pepper as necessary.

To serve as a burrito, preheat an oven to 350 degrees.  Ladle chicken mixture (using a slotted spoon if it’s too soupy) into a tortilla and top with 1/3 c shredded cheese.  Roll up the burrito and sprinkle a little more cheese on the top.  Repeat until you have the desired number of burritos.  Heat the burritos in the oven on a sheet or an oven proof plate until the cheese is melted and serve alongside some sour cream and fresh cilantro.



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  1. Sharon D. permalink
    January 9, 2013 8:21 pm

    This is a great recipe. I came here a few weeks ago looking for Haley’s chili, and found this, too. You may call it heresy, but I did a lot of this in the crock pot. ❤ this!

    • juicybits permalink*
      January 10, 2013 9:56 am

      I am a crock pot convert…glad to know this was good in it. I will have to try it! I need more crock pot recipes, so if you have any favorites, can you share?

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