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Vegetarian Red Curry Noodles

April 16, 2009
I’ve been a poor, pathetic excuse of a blogger this week.  Last week I was in Spain, and this week, well, I’ve been dealing with a flooded home and all that entails.  So, not to keep you hanging, I’ll post one of my favorite dishes for anytime of the year.  This is one of my favorite recipes and it’s a very filling dish. Almost like Thai comfort food. You can use whatever vegetables you like- I’ve put my suggestions at the bottom, but feel free to change them up. You could also add tofu, chicken or shrimp to this.  This serves 4 generously and is from Food & Wine.
1/4 cup vegetable oil
4 large garlic cloves, minced
3 large shallots, thinly sliced
3 Thai chiles, minced
3 stalks of fresh lemongrass, inner bulbs only, thinly sliced
1/4 cup minced fresh ginger
2 tablespoons light brown sugar
2 tablespoons ground coriander
1-14 oz can unsweetened coconut milk
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
1/4 cup Asian fish sauce
Salt and freshly ground pepper
1/2 cup snow peas (blanched)
1 zucchini, sliced into 1/4″ rounds
1 small red bell pepper, very thinly sliced
1 Asian eggplant, sliced into 1/4″ rounds
1 1/2 c broccoli florets
1 pound thin dried Chinese egg noodles or linguine


Cook noodles per package directions. Drain and reserve 1/4 cup of the cooking water.

Heat oil in a large skillet. Add the garlic, shallots, chiles, lemongrass and ginger and cook over moderate heat, stirring occasionally, until they are softened and golden, about 5 minutes. Add the brown sugar and coriander and cook until the sugar is melted, about 20 seconds. Add the coconut milk and simmer, stirring, for 2 minutes. Transfer to a blender and blend until pureed (let cool a bit in the blender before starting and hold top on tight with a towel when blending- hot liquids tend to shoot the top off). Blend in the lime juice and fish sauce. Scrape the sauce into a glass measuring cup and season with salt and pepper. Leave the skillet on the stove.

In a wok or large non-stick pan, saute vegetables (except snow peas) with a little oil until crisp tender.

Add curry sauce to the skillet and bring to a simmer over moderate heat (if sauce looks really thin, simmer uncovered until it’s about the thickness of typical curries). Add the noodles and vegetables and toss to coat the noodles. Add some of the reserved cooking water if the noodles seem dry. Season with salt and pepper and serve right away.

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  1. Haley permalink
    April 21, 2009 12:59 pm

    I made this Sunday night, and despite balking at the amount of chopping involved, it turned out deliciously! I will definitely repeat this recipe in the future.

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